The main profile of our company is the manufacturing of mounted wires, cables, complete cable lashes, chiefly for the area of smaller and middle series.

HK-FÚZIÓ began its activities as a two-person family company in 2000 which, until today has grown to a dynamically developing smaller company operating cable processing machines and possessing an IS0 9101:2000 quality management certification.
Nowadays we can manufacture, store and acquire several hundreds of different mounted cables for our clients. Products of the largest part unit manufacturers of the world are used during the purchase of electronic parts, at the same time we use high-quality products of factories in the Far East, in favourable prices.
As a delivery partner of mounted cables since almost one decade, HK-FÚZIÓ delivers mounted wires cables, complete cable lashes, electronic par units, for its many clients of good reputation. On clients’ request we can provide the list of our customer partners.
One of our strength is the short time of reaction, in order to be able to adapt our services in a flexible manner to the always changing demands being present on the rapidly changing markets.

In addition to the cable confectioning the following services are also provided by our company:

  • »   acquisition of domestic or import unit parts
  • »   storage
  • »   packaging, labelling, according to special demands
  • »   Immediate deliveries from storage of finished goods
We have extensive relationships with local and international carrying companies too. We have an own stock which has been assembled on the basis of Customers’ demands, and which is refilled continuously. Important is that any urgent orders of lower amount can be fulfilled immediately.

Advantages which can be reached in to course of a co-operation with us:

  • »   reduction of tool and installation costs
  • »   know-how in the acquisition
  • »   smaller lockup of capital
  • »   lower amount os storage

Applying our flexible and modern manufacturing equipment as a cable confectioning partner, we can offer for you an optimum alternative for the preparation of mounted wires and cable lashes.

A continuous work is provided for us through our reliability. Because our circle of clients is consisted almost completely of people and companies knowing each other, we do not have any choice but to perform a quality work, because the news of mistakes spread like wildfire and a reliability having been built-up with much difficulties can be demolished at a minute.

We trust that with this short introduction we could raise your kind attention and we can see you soon among our new customers.

Károly Horváth
/Managing Director/